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I want to mention one other thing: recordings, and my passion for them. We can learn a lot from recordings – repertory, performance traditions and standards, echoes of bygone styles. There are some major reissue folks working in the US nowadays, and for my money the best, when it comes to vocal recordings (and piano recordings, too) is Ward Marston, of West Chester, PA, esteemed proprietor of Marston Records (and, on the side, a fabulous jazz pianist). You may check out Ward’s catalog here. (In the interest of full disclosure I have helped him find a few records here and there, and I have contributed to the [pending] publication of a Tristan that I hope will emerge from the vault before too long.)

What has me all fired up today is a new collection of all the known recordings of the distinguished Chicago-born French baritone Arthur Endrèze (1893-1975) – five generously-filled CDs with copious notes and discographic details that document and preserve an art and style of singing that is, alas, almost totally lost to us, but for records like these. Marston merits support, these limited-edition releases are competitively priced, and I urge all music lovers who care about this sort of thing to check out his offerings. (In the future I will try to supply links so readers may sample the recordings cited here.)

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  1. John Lambert Post author

    I have been asked by a senior collector to poll our readers again in search of an obscure & long out-of-print recording, an Lp of Bax’s Overture to a Picaresque Comedy, performed by the NY Philharmonic conducted by Mitropoulos and issued by the Off-the-Air Record Club on OTA 8. Thanks in advance for any possible leads on a copy (or a copy of a copy). John Lambert, 6/2/13, rev. 2/10/16

    1. John Lambert

      Just a quick follow-up on this to report that the Tennstedt Beethoven set finally turned up – my thanks to those who checked their collections in response to the request. (It was worth the wait.) That said, the search for the Mitropoulos-NYP performance of the Bax Overture continues – and with somewhat greater urgency, as the collector who wants it is in declining health and has moved to assisted living. Again, this is an Lp said to have been published on OTA 8 (that’s OTA as in the Off-the-Air Record Club, surely a very small, most likely fly-by-night pirate from the early days of home recording…). Any assistance with this will be most welcome. Thanks in advance.


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